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Job Position Import/Export Associate Sr.
Apply 2
Education Bachelor
Description Perform regulatory documents review based on existing regulatory process and checklists and well communicate with vendors;
•Leverage technology to manage compliance processes, create and maintain regulatory content database;
•Build and strengthen the connection with internal teams for classification of products and checklist confirmation;
•Be familiar with the policy and guidelines of e-commerce and import/export tariff;
•With strong understanding of product categorization and regulation of importing country;
•The ability to interpret the legal terms to categorize products;
•Logic thinker and able to perform the review process and solve problem efficiently;
•Good communication skills to work with different functional teams to analyze global regulatory requirements;
•The ability to work in highly ambiguous environment with multiple stakeholders
Required Basic QualificationsBasic Qualifications
•Bachelor’s degree
•3-5 years of experience in data-driven business operations processes – Business Process Outsourcing, Operations processes
•Be active and adaptable
•Excellent Japanese written and basic verbal communication skills
•Excellent English written and basic verbal communication skills
Preferred Qualifications
•Bachelor’s degree
•Overall 2-5 years’ work experience
•Basic awareness of import and export regulation or practice
•Science/engineering/logistics/import and export background
•Work experience in retail industry, Import and Export Industry or Customs
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